What is adaptive software development ? And why should you use it?

Simply I can say that change is adapted or expected and welcome in development process.

In Adaptive Software Development, no preplanned steps are followed or any traditional life cycle is followed rather it is based on constant change, re-evaluation, and evolving products with lightweight planning and continuous learning.

It has three phases : learning , speculating and collaborate.

Why should we use it ?

If I compare with traditional model with ASD

We should use it because it is customer focus , while traditional model process focus.

ASD management is facilitating , on the other hand traditional model is controlling.

In ASD customer is constantly involved.

Developers works collaboratively , where as traditional model allows developer work individually.

ASD product features are most important.

Testing is iterative , on the contrary predictive way test the code at the end of development cycle.

Better and stronger product

Focus on customers requirement and fulfil the demands.

On time delivery with satisfaction.

Transparency between developer and customer

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