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  1. What is Java Script ?

JavaScript is light-weight ,single threaded, interpreted or just in time programming language .

2.What are the features of JS?

The features of java script are dynamic typing , DOM manipulation , platform independent , functional style , prototype base , OOP support , async processing ,handling date and time , case sensitive format, handling event and light weight .

3.What is truthy and falsy values?

Truthy Value :string is true other than empty string (“”) , any number is true other than 0 .

Falsy Value : Undefined , null , 0 , NaN ,empty…

10 things you need to know about react

  1. Virtual DOM : DOM stands for document object model .DOM is a representation of the html element of your webpage .Virtual DOM is virtual representation of real DOM. When state of component changes ,the virtual DOM updated and compare the present version with previous one to figure out what actually has been changed .This is call diffing ..After that the parent tree re-render to give the updated UI. Then it updated to real DOM .Virtual DOM faster and efficient than real DOM . Real DOM slow a bit.
  2. Virtual DOM: React keeps…

ES6 and other features of JS

  1. Hoisting :Let’s talk about what is hoisting . Hoisting is you can use variable before it has been declared .It’s only support for var keyword not for const and let keyword. Hoisting is a default behavior of js.By the hoisting is not global variable . Hoisting is local variable.

Math Function of JavaScript

  1. Math.random()

This function returns a random floating point number between 0 and 1 ,but not 1.This function generate number which you can’t imagine . It will not generate a whole number.


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